Melissa Moses

Vocal Teacher

Melissa has been singing since she was 11 years old. She is classically trained and has been under the tutelage of well known voice coaches such as Proff G Van Der Spuy, Magdelena Oosthuizen and Vanessa Tait-Jones respectively.

She achieved a place on UNISA’s honours roll for her Gr.8 singing exam, with a mark of 87%. For Singing higher grade, Melissa achieved distinction with 92%. For the Trinity Gr. 6 exam, she was awarded the highest achievement of 91%. She also completed a year of UCT’s Diploma in Opera. Melissa has a Diploma in Worship and Creative Arts from Hillsong College, Sydney, Australia.

She performed for three consecutive years for the friends of Arbeidsgenot (the home of the father of Afrikaans) C. J. Langenhoven, at the KKNK; writing, arranging and setting to music some of his works.

She conducted the Intshona Trust choir (made up of farm workers in Malmesbury), and they obtained second place at the ATKV Suidooster Fees. Melissa was part of the Willy Russel’s hit musical “Blood Brother’s”, adapted by David Kramer.

Melissa has worked as Children’s Ministry Director and Music Director, overseeing many events and productions to a wide variety of audiences.

Her passions is seeing students reach their potential, helping them hone and master their craft and skill.